28 February 2010

New blog

Here's my new blog, kindly relink me. Thank you very much.


27 February 2010

26 February 2010

Mini fireworks

To add some sparks to this year Chinese New Year's celebration, we planned to play fireworks together. Scheduled on the 3rd, right after the girls exam but i wont be able to make it because i'm flying off the next day, hence tonight (Thanks so much!). Tonight shall be the last time we gather till the coming months. Tough road ahead nevertheless still sticking to the motto : Study smart, Play hard.

Late dinner at Pumpkin Patch
(like the Pumpkin wedges!)

Sharon's relatives filled us in with chicken wings for supper and not to forget Tian's home made
ngo hiang

...and oh finally, i get to meet Jen, the siput-est of all ;p


It's just a short while of mini fireworks but we had so much fun and it feels like we're little children all over again :)

We tried drawing our initials and heart shapes and it turns out well...just fine except i failed my initial :(
Tonight is worth remembering.

25 February 2010

Be Thankful

"It's not easy to forgive and forget,
to fall and walk up gracefully,
to admit and learn from mistake,
...but it's never too late
to cherish and appreciate the people around you

24 February 2010

I don't mean to spend, but...

I think i'm into green lately and i think vintage stuff are attractive :)

23 February 2010

Finding the right thing

Mum came across an article few months back regarding protecting your eyesight. The concern grew since i've been and will be always walking under the sun during my course in Miri. That's when the idea of transition came in.

Nevertheless i had a hard time finding the right frame because the frames are mostly too big unless i go for frameless but it's fragile. Hence, i decided to go for shades, which too serve the same purpose and somewhat cheaper. I set my budget to be RM300 or less. I ran 4 optic shops in a day and couldnt find any shades to my liking or if i do, the price is god knows why so expensive, RM600 for a Ray Ban and RM800 for Giorgio Armani. Fine. I was very, very disappointed.

Guan Ho Leong (located at BDC) was my last hope. Walking in without much expectation, i found the right one within half hour; fits perfectly, great price, perfect.

I guess life is about finding the right thing and that the best gift comes when you least expect it.

22 February 2010

I've come a long way

I've come a long way to be who i'm today.
what define us is rising after falling.

21 February 2010


Aunt Maria's birthday celebration at Muse. Fun filled night with lotsa laughters, flashing lights, endless singing and dances. My oh my, never knew the boys can sing so well and all aunties can dance as if they were in their mid 30s.

gracious foods


as usual, mirror is our best friend :)

singing and dancing like there's no tomorrow.

all the ladies
Happy Birthday Aunt :)

20 February 2010

S4 gathering

After what seems long, we had a classmate reunion BBQ party. Too bad i had to leave earlier, so dint get to catch up much and meet our form teacher & the siput-est Jen. Anyhow it was fun and i want more 3 layer pork Tian. Sedap!


19 February 2010


finaleeee! Green Hill Teochew ooh chien.
I'm a happy girl now :D